Saturday, March 16, 2013


I have lost 10% of my body weight since 12/28/12. My weight loss since then is 24.6 pounds! My overall weight loss since I had Hudson (19 months ago) is 45 pounds. Wow. I feel soooo much better at this weight than I did 45 pounds ago. I am so glad I only gained 9 pounds during my pregnancy. I think it would have been a lot harder to get to this point if I had gained any more than that.


  • Start now. Later, you'll wish you had. - Met 12/28/12
  • Give up tea, cokes. Drink water - Met 12/28/12 with the occasional relapse with Diet Sprite (not too bad!)
  • Lose 20 pounds and buy a new bra - Met 2/22/13 (lost 6" in band size)
  • Lose 10% by Mother's Day - Met 3/15/13 (2 months early - I think I wasn't very optimistic at first)
  • Lose another 10% by 6/7/13 (12 weeks from now)
  • Buy new clothes after the second 10% (shorts, skirts, tops)
  • Lose another 10% by 8/30/13
  • Get fitted for new jeans (good-bye "mom jeans")
  • Keep going!
Hudson is waking up from his nap. Time to cut this short but I just didn't want to forget how I feel right now. I've come a long way but I've got a really long way to go. Can't stop now!