Tips, Tricks, FAQs


DH - Darling or Dang Husband - Depends on the context
TOM - Time of the month
NSV - Non Scale Victory
VFT - Virgin fat territory - haven't been this weight in adulthood
MIL - Mother in Law, FIL - Father in Law
WW - Weightwatchers
Onderland - under 200 pounds!!
WI - Weigh In
WPA - Weekly Points Allowance - 35 - over and above your Daily allowance
OP - On Program - doing it right
AP - Activity Points

Am I supposed to eat all my points? I'm having trouble eating all my points.
Are you dieting?  This is not a diet.  YES you eat all of your daily points.  How did you gain weight if you can't eat all your points??  Stop dieting.  Eat real foods - dressing, peanut butter, full fat cheese and milk.  Make sure you are getting all of your healthy guidelines every single day.

OMG - I *only* lost ___ pounds.
YOU LOST!!  Celebrate.  I don't care if it is 0.2, it is a loss and should be celebrated!

OMG - I gained!
So what!  Learn from it.  Look back at your tracking and see what you did that could be changed.  If you did everything right, wait for next week.  DON'T QUIT the program just because of a simple gain.  Gains happen and you learn from them - move on.

I need motivation!
Yes we all need a little motivation - however, there are days where motivation doesn't cut it.  Dedication is key.  Decide to do this and that you will not give up.  That is all the motivation you will need.  Don't rely on outward influences to succeed.  You can do this and you have to do this - for yourself. 

My Soapbox...
There is NO magic pill, shot, or program to MAKE you lose weight.  It seems like everyone I know wants to take Alli or colon cleanse or eat special berries or go to the local "weight loss clinic" and get skinny.  IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!!!  It takes hard work and dedication.  Yes you will lose weight with these things - BUT it will come back. I promise!!  Once you stop their program, you will gain back your weight and probably more. 

What I Love About Weight Watchers...
Weight Watchers has taught me to make better choices with food.  It has also taught me that I can exercise AND that I like it!  WW has taught me to control my eating habits.  I love the message boards - there are so many amazing people on these boards that help me process this journey.