Non-Scale Goals

I actually wrote this on 5/1/2007 - some things never change :) 
I love the message boards on weightwatchers because there’s some very inspiring people on there that you would have never heard of before.  I also love some of their signatures.  One of them I particularly like is: “my goal is to take a good hot bath and have enough water to do so”!!  this quote inspired me to make my own list of non-scale goals…. Too many times we focus on the number:
  • saying goodbye to my size 22 jeans for good (I’ve said see ya later before and they came back) 
  • enough bath water for a good soak
  • losing that spare tire so i don't have to wear shirts that go down to my knees :)
  • finding my ankles again
  • wearing shorts
  • onederland!!
  • being able to walk in a store and buy something other than shoes, jewelry, and hair stuff
  • having my patients not comment on my weight vs. my age
  • showing the correct weight on my driver's license
  • not worrying about my scrub top fitting over my butt or getting bunched up around my waist
  • feeling completely confident when i look in the mirror.. just knowing that i did it!
  • being able to play
  • not feeling the rain coming because my knees hurt
  • being respected at work.
  • Having a waist.
  • Crossing my legs and having my shins be parallel.
  • being able to sit on a bar stool/high top chair without sliding off b/c my butt is bigger than the chair!
  • being able to sit comfortably without one leg folded up under me (bad bad bad for circulation)
  • Not getting winded just from climbing stairs
  • No more heartburn
  • Feeling good about myself instead of ashamed
  • Looking forward to seeing people I haven't seen in awhile instead of dreading it
  • Not being the fat friend
  • Belts
  • Boots
  • Actually seeing my real face again
wow... this list grew a lot faster than i thought it would :) thanks for reading!!