Saturday, January 17, 2009

Starting Day 7

I had kinda been planning to quit for a couple of months.  I just loved it too much.  Very few of my friends smoke and my husband smokes but my parents don't and I won't smoke in front of them.  We are living with my parents right now to pay off some debt and save $$ for a new house.  Smoking made me become inflexible and dishonest.  I wouldn't ride in other people's cars cause I had to smoke (even short distances). I didn't want to take long trips with my family because I couldn't smoke around them.  And it took me years to finally admit to my mom that I was a smoker?. Now I can't admit to her that I'm quitting because I'm embarrassed to remind her that I was a smoker?.

Long story short (LOL) I had to. Now I've got a sinus infection - Boo!   Sometimes I feel like that commercial where people forget how to do everyday things because they don't have a cigarette in their hands.

I'm doing great with WW staying OP.  This time is so different for me.  I feel different. I'm not trying to diet like I was before and I'm accepting that this is my life and I have to take care of me.

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