Saturday, June 19, 2010


I've kind of been in self destruct mode recently. I couldn't care less what I ate and preferred to lay around and do absolutely nothing any chance I got.

A friend of mine who is struggling with fertility recently went to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (TCM). She returned with tons of great information about nutrition.

I don't know why but it must have rubbed off on me :). I haven't started back to weight watchers or counting calories or anything like that. I'm just making better choices and being more active. I think that's something I can do long term.

So I've learned that I like salad. Dustin has always liked salads and he makes them look so good but I've just never been one to enjoy a salad. While grocery shopping the other day, I actually thought... "a salad would be good for dinner one night". And then I thought... "did I really just think that???" So I've been eating salad for the past couple of days.. and lots of it. Yes I am putting some shredded cheese and croutons on it and I am not using fat free dressing. BUT it is has to be better for me than the Guthries snack or the Big Mac meal that I would usually gravitate toward!

Also on the food front... The other night, I wanted to grill chicken tenders to go with my salad. Dustin asked for his fried. Usually I would just give in and fry it all. Not this time. I had him grill my chicken (he's a better griller than me) and I fried his (I'm a better frier than he is). I enjoyed it! I didn't even *wish* I had the fried!

ANNNND [sorry, I'm a little excited]... last night while D was working, I could feel the late night munchies coming on. I knew I had 2 packs of klondike bars and 1 un-opened package of cookie dough (my weaknesses!). What did I do??? I picked up the cookie dough. Looked at it long and hard. Put it back and got a cup of peaches (that I had bought for D but he didn't want because they had added splenda and not natural.) I told myself that if I was still "hungry" after the peaches I would eat 1 piece of cookie dough. I wasn't and I didn't!

I've also found myself wanting to walk more and enjoying it. I'm learning that I don't have to walk 2 miles at a time. I can do 15 - 30 minutes and it's still better than sitting on my behind!

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