Friday, September 24, 2010

Hi again...

I've done really well the past few days with eating right and exercising. It feels good. I'm hoping it's not just a phase... but then again I guess that's ultimately my decision. I've got to figure out how to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. At this point I really don't care about my weight or size. I just know that one day I want to be a mommy and my kid(s) will learn how to eat from me... that's scary!! If I can't figure it out now then I definitely won't do it after I have kids because then I'll have even more excuses than I already do.

I'm almost 10 months out from quitting smoking and yes it was pretty life changing. I've got a lot more freedom than I used to. I can now ride in the car with other people for long periods of time without killing anyone. I can go on a weekend trip with my parents without trying to sneak out for a cigarette as to not disrespect them (I would NEVER smoke in front of them). I have been able to be more honest about my nasty habit since I quit than when I was still in the middle of it. My husband quit a few months after me. He was never really a heavy smoker or "addicted". He's the kind that could still have one every now and then and not "start back". *I* am not one of those people.

The down side of quitting.... extra weight.... ugh. I'm fatter than ever but my lungs are healthy! Right now this doesn't seem like a good trade-off but I know it will be. I know that I can get this weight thing conquered. If I can quit smoking... I can lose weight!

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  1. I am so proud of you for quitting smoking! That is so huge! Thanks for following my blog :)


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