Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bootcamp Demo

After spending all night in the hospital with my grandfather (which turned out to be way more restful than I thought it could be)... I decided to go to a "Bootcamp Demo" class at my gym.  I noticed a sign up sheet for it on thursday night.  I was the first one to sign up.

There was ONE other girl there besides the trainer.  She was jumping rope.  I was handed a jump rope and of course laughed at the trainer for thinking I could propel my big hiney off the ground to jump over a rope.  I actually did really well with that!

And then came a seemingly easy exercise... hands and feet on the floor like a push-up and bring one knee to your chest... then switch... really fast.  I don't know what this is called but I don't like it.  I couldn't move my feet!  I don't know if it's all the stress or whatever of my life lately but I just lost it.  I started crying.... and the more I cried the more I couldn't stop it.  It was like a dam broke! In front a tiny little woman I had never met in my life and another girl (who is training with the tiny woman).  I'm such a mess!

The trainer was very sweet but not a push over and very encouraging.  We moved on to kickboxing, which I have enjoyed in the past.  It turns out that her main training (for herself) is kickboxing and she taught it for 6 or 7 years.

The other girl couldn't handle the kickboxing.  She ran out of the room to the bathroom.  The trainer waited awhile and went to check on her.  She eventually came back and finished the class with less gusto than before.  After the class, I ran into the Asst. Manager (who is in charge of the "trade-outs"). She was digging around in the janitorial closet.  I joked about having a trade-out do it for her. She said (loudly) that someone had puked all over the bathroom and just LEFT it without even attempting to clean it up!  It had to be the girl from my class!

So... I cried. I survived. I may do it again... but at least I didn't puke! [this time]

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